Our History
John and Alice Neno first started in downtown Ithaca as Johnny's Welding in March 1952. It was therthat they rented out a garage and offered a portable welding service. In 1953 Johnny's Welding moved to West Green Street, and by 1955 added an ornamental iron gift shop. Later in 1957 John became a distributor for Warren Concrete Products which featured round drycast septic tanks and accessories. The first septic tank delivery truck was a 1943 Mack with a chain hoist. In 1960 Johnny's Welding Service changed it's name to The Iron Shop, and had replaced the Mack with a 1948 Ford which had a new power loading A-frame. A new C-500 Dodge was purchased in 1965, and became the primary delivery vehicle for The Iron Shop.

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In 1967, John Neno, Sr (top left corner) was awarded Top Dealer by Warren Concrete.
1969 was a year of change; The Iron Shop was split into 3 businesses and John Neno retained the septic tank business which moved to his home, and became Johnny's Tank Service. Over the next 3 years business continued to grow, and in 1972 John bought a new C-800 Dodge, and had added PVC sewer and drain pipe and fittings. That same year he was able to hire his first employee since leaving The Iron Shop.
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